Friday, August 15, 2014

The 13th General Conference of Chin Students’ Union Successfully Held

The 13th General Conference of Chin Students’ Union was successfully held at the Chin Christian Fellowship, New Delhi with more than 50 participants. Chin Communities, NGOs and churches residing in New Delhi were invited to take part and witness the conference. According to the constitution of CSU, general conference must be held annually. The general conference holds the highest authority and has the power to amend the constitution.

The conference was divided into two sections. The first section consisted short speeches from invitees, annual secretary report from Salai Van Hup Thawng, annual financial report form Mai Phoebe and special number (solo) in between. The first section was concluded with prayers from Pastor LC Thang.
In the second section Mai Rosalinn Zahau led the conference with constitution review and the constitution of CSU was reassessed again. Followed by Salai Siang Ceu President of Chin Students’ Union (2013-2014) brief annual report along with his appreciation to all the members for their cooperation throughout the tenure.  
Then, Election of Chin Students' Union Central executive committee for the 2014-2015 tenure was successfully conducted with the help of five election commissioners. The chief election commissioner headed the election and the result of the 13th General Election for central executive committee of Chin Students’ Union is as below:-

1.      Salai C.Beizachi                                                  President
2.      Mai Phoebe Biak Nei Tial                                   Vice President
3.      Salai Sang Duh Lian                                           General Secretary
4.      Salai Boi Uk                                                       Asst. Secretary
5.      Mai Deborah Hrang Nawl                                  Treasure
6.      Salai Van Bawi Thang                                        Finance
7.      Salai John Lian                                                   Information & Publicity
8.      Mai Sui Meng Par                                              Education
9.      Salai Siang Ceu                                                  Culture & Literature

 Mai Rosalinn Zahau
       Salai Bawi Hlei Hu


1.      Pu Run Sum Sin
2.      Pastor Lian Cung Thang
3.      Salai Lal Lian Bik
4.      Salai Thian Za Thang
5.      Pu Van Tung
6.      Ms. Aakhu

7.      Pu Tin Maung Win

The motto of CSU is “Stand for Chinland”

Aims and objectives
1. To reform a stable Chin Students’ Union in Chin State, Burma
2. To help and elucidate education and social problems of Chin people.
3. Preserving and promoting Chin Literature, Culture and tradition.
4. Advocating on behalf of the people for equality and self- determination in the Union of Burma together with other minority co-founder of the Union.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The 38th Death Anniversary of Salai Tin Maung Oo Successfully Commemorated

Chin Students’ Union, Delhi commemorated the 38th death anniversary the patriotic and heroic student leader Salai Tin Maung Oo. Salai Tin Maung Oo Memorial Day had been observed and celebrated among Chin community in Europe, Asia and North America. 

The death anniversary of Salai Tin Maung Oo had also been held annually by the Chin Students’ Union, Delhi.

At 4am on June 26, 1976, the Burmese military regime hanged him inside the prison walls. There was no trial, no defense, just a judge, a sentence, and an execution. He was fighting against the Burmese military regime to gain freedom and justice not only for the Chin people but for the whole country. He was a heroic martyr in the battle for democracy in Burma. He stood up for his dignity, determination and beliefs until his death.

The 38th death anniversary of Salai Tin Maung Oo was successfully commemorated at the Burmese Christian Association Hall, Buddela. 

   There were around 50 individuals participating from different communities, NGOs  at the memorial service.

The program started at 12:00 pm and ended at 2:00 pm.  In remembrance and showing tribute to Salai Tin Maung Oo, flowers presentation was made by Pastor L.C Thang. 

                                             Welcome speech  by Salai Thian Za Thang.

Message send from Salai Tin Maung Oo family (Canada) was read by Mai Sui Men Par followed by one minute silent standing in showing tribute to Salai Tin Maung Oo was made. There was a statement reading from Mai Deborah Hrang Nawl and a special number was sung by Mai Sida.

                                                    Mai Sui Men Par   (Message Reading)

                                         Mai Deborah Hrang Nawl (CSU Statement Reading)

                                                                Mai Sida (Special Number)

Sayadaw U Pin Ngya Zawta, Dr. Tint Swe, Ko Ngyo Tun and Pu Bual Tawn presented an encouraging speech and the memorial service ended with vote of thanks from CSU president Salai Siang Ceu. 

                                                             Sayadaw U Pin Ngya Zawta

                                                                              Dr. Tint Swe

                                                               Ko Ngyo Tun

                                                                            Bual Tawn

                                                       Salai Siang Ceu (CSU President)

Photos at the Memorial Service

Chin Students'Union, Delhi

Friday, February 21, 2014

The 66th Anniversary of Chin National Day Successfully commemorated here in New Delhi. Dated 20 Feb.2014

The anniversary of the 66th Chin National Day organized by the 66th Chin National Day Celebration committee was successfully held. The celebration committee consists the elected representatives from various communities along with Chin Students’ Union, New Delhi.

The program begins at 11:30 am at the Possangipur community hall, Janakpuri, New Delhi. According to the observer and the 66th Chin National celebration committee thousands of chin refugees and other invited guests residing in New Delhi participated in today’s historical event.
Pu Hrangchal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, New Delh was invited as a Chief Guest.

He presented a challenging message on the significance of unity among chin people and also encourages the participant to preserve and promote their cultural identity.
Pi Sangchin Chinzah (MCS) Add.Residential commissioner, Mizoram House, New Delhi was also invited as a guest of honor.

Salai Siang Ceu the convener of the 66th Chin National Day Celebration Committee and the president of Chin Students' Union expresses his appreciations to all the communities, Church/ Fellowship, NGO, individuals resides in Delhi and abroad for their loving support. He added that “With the help and cooperation of all the communities here in New Delhi the celebration was held successfully”.

Communities such as Hakha, Falam, Matu, Mara, Zotung could perform their beautiful folk dances. Items such as solo, Chin Wrestling Showcase, cultural fashion show, the Choreography of Chin History presented by Chin Students’ Union and hip pop dances etc were performed at the event. It was a wonderful moment and every individual who participates at the event were encouraged. There was a statement reading from Chin National Front and Chin Students’ Union.

Here is the Statement of Chin Students' Union for the 66th Anniversary of Chin National Day

Dated: 20th February, 2014

1. On this special historical day of the Chin people, we the Chin Students’ Union would like to encourage all the Chin people around the world to reclaim our freedom, remind each of us to continue to fight for a genuine democracy and to maintain our culture, literature and traditions by celebrating the Chin National Day. It is a historical and meaningful day for the Chin because on this very day all the Chins stood in unity and abolished the feudal system of governance.

On February 20, 1948, a general assembly was held in Falam, Chin State; thousands of the Chin participants in the assembly unanimously decided to adopt “Democracy” to be the national political system and to end the Chin traditional feudal system. The importance of the date 20th February could be seen several times in the national movements of the Chin people. These movements were an indication of strong patriotic spirit of the Chins towards their own State.

2. 20th February is the day on which our patriotic leaders had laid down a foundation of Unity, Democracy and Equality for various classes of the Chin people and on this day the Chin national spirit was born. It is the responsibility of all the Chin people to maintain and celebrate this historical day. This celebration is not just a celebration, but an act of political defiance.

3. We appreciate the government for implementing the celebration of Chin National Day legitimately inside Burma and also recognizing the Chin dialects to be taught as the curriculum at schools. We plead the government to constitute recognition of our historic day (Chin National Day) as a public holiday in Chin State.

4. We seek the impartial treatment from the reformist Thein Sein Government regarding socioeconomic developments and basic human rights in our Chinland. We have not acknowledged any tangible improvements concerning the development of Chinland from the Union Government so far.

For the coming Nationwide Census to be taken, the Myanmar Government has put "Chin" which is a National name along with Tribes at the same level. This may disrupt unity among the Chin. So, we demand only the name, "Chin" to be put forward on Census Record.

5. Last but none least, we the Chin Students’ Union in New Delhi urge the Union Government to implement the political proposal set by the Ethnic armed forces issued on the establishment of the “Federal Army” which will be essential for the safeguard of the Nations
Before the event

                                                Announcers Salai Lalhruailian & Mai Phoebe
                                           Chief Guest, Guest of Honors & Convener

                         Chief Guest Pu Hrangchal (Deputy Commissioner of Police) Delhi

                                                       Mai Sida present an opening song

                                CSU statement Reading Mai Deborah Hrang Nawl

                                              Ceri Thlawh (Bamboo Dance)
                                                    Ceri Thlawh (Bamboo Dance)

 Pi Sangchin Chinzah (MCS) Add.Residential commissioner, Mizoram House, New Delhi

                                                                 Pu Van Thio Cin
                                                              Outside MCD Hall

Khotue Dae Lam

                                                        Ruakhuatlak    (Bamboo Dance)

                                                                  O Doh la

                          Second Session Announcers Beizachhi Chozah & Mai Anna

                                                               Dance Group


                                                              Do Khing Khyh Zoram Mua
                                                    Chin Wrestling Showcase

                                     Choreography  of Chin History   : Chin Students’ Union (CSU

                                                                 Leplin G
                                                              Fashion Show

                                                    Lucky Ticket Result

                                                                    CSU Members